Saturday, October 2, 2010

better late than never

1. i am grateful that this is my own blog and no one cares whether i post late or not. grateful that i can choose to post when i want.

2. i am grateful that i have a sister and a good friend who are both hairdressers so i haven't had to pay for haircuts in a long time and even had really cool hair for years without having to pay big bucks for it.

3. i am grateful that i have a car that works well and is reliable to get me places i want and need to go.

4. i am grateful that when i moved to gloucester, i made a big effort to get out and meet people and reconnect with people, even though i was sure i didn't want to dredge up my past friendships. i am pleasantly surprised how happy these friendships make me now.

5. i am grateful that i am able to get out with friends, whether it be with or without the kids. being outside of the house makes life a lot more enjoyable for me....