Sunday, September 19, 2010


1. i am grateful that.....i have a supportive family that is allowing me to come live with them when my life exploded..

2. i am grateful that.....i have 2 beautiful children. even though they weren't planned and came at times that were not so good, i am happy that i was able to have children and that i was given the chance to be a mom. if it hadnt happened by accident, i dont know if it ever would have been planned so i am glad for my little accidents...

3. i am grateful that.....unemployment exists in this country. i am not a big fan of all that this country does but am glad that when they decide to make large budget cuts for the arts and my job is eliminated and i am left with 2 children and a father that doesn't support them, it is nice to know that money is going to come from somewhere when i can't quite figure out how i can afford to get a job and pay for both of them to be in daycare. it's nice to be getting paid to be a stay at home mom. it's the most stressful and important job i have ever done, so it's nice to actually get paid to do it. all SAHM's should get paid. and on top of that, they should get vacation time as well.

4. i am grateful that.....i have been able to get into belly dancing since i have moved. i wasn't sure there was going to be a tribal community in this area but i have found outlets to be able to teach in the community and perform as well. and there is hope to connect with other troupes in the area for performing. that would be super awesome.

5. i am grateful that.....i have fantastic friends all over the world. some are long time friends in "real life" and others are friends that i have connected with from forums online. some of my online friends have moved over into the realm of real life friends and these groups of online ladies have been so supportive to me during so many hard times in my life. it's amazing how much love and support people who have never met you can offer you. there are wonderful people out there and i am lucky to have "met" so many of them...'s "grateful 5" were pretty easy. it's the beginning. those are some of the core basics of what i am thankful for in my life though. we will see what the next post brings!

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