Monday, December 31, 2012


My world needs to change....and the way to change it is to change myself.  The way I plan to tackle this is through affirmations and making an effort to be grateful for the things that I already have and put forth effort into changing things to be even more positive.....

Power, Wealth, Abundance: I gratefully accept financial serenity and abundance.  I attract money in abundance and am committed to becoming wealthy.
Career, Self, Work: I accept an easy and effortless
increase in the flow of my business and am grateful to operate highly successful businesses with integrity.  I am attaining and maintaining my ideal weight and am strong in mind, body and soul.
Love, Marriage, Relationships: I choose to welcome love, romance, and fun into my life right now.  I attract truth and honesty in all my relationships and return the same.
Creativity, Children, Legacy:  My children and I treat each other with respect, loving-kindness and appreciate that we have each other.
I lovingly provide a nurturing, encouraging, and inspiring environment where my children thrive.

...and so it is.  :)

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