Saturday, January 5, 2013

hard day

today i struggled with anger and bitterness over the things that have happened in my past and also currently happening.  it is not healthy and it does me no good.  i need to let it go.  i need to find happiness and gratefulness in my anger.  hopefully the positivity will push out the negativity....

i am grateful that the girl brad chooses to date seems like a nice person and seems to treat my children well.

i am grateful that brad moved here to be around his children.

i am grateful that i live in a nice apartment.

i am grateful for starbucks, having money on my starbucks card and long car rides drinking starbucks while my children nap in the backseat.  these moments save me sometimes.

i am grateful that i have the choice over how i react to situations.  i need to learn to use that choice more often and not react automatically out of anger and frustration.

i am grateful that my washer and dryer are fixed.

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